Peace of Mind Pet Care Services for sale in Madison, Wisconsin

Peace of Mind is a recently established, quickly-growing professional organization which offers pet sitting services for a wide variety of animals, as well as dog walking services. Our goal at Peace of Mind is to provide pet owners with the 'peace of mind' that comes with the knowledge that their animals are receiving exemplary care, every time, all the time. This allows our clients to more fully embrace life, from being able to completely relax on vacation, to being able to spend all day at the office without having to go home to take the dog out, or worrying that he'll have an accident.
We understand that pets are also family members, and deserve to be treated as such. Clients can be assured that their pets will be as pampered and spoiled as they normally are. Not only do we have the mindset to provide the best care possible, we have the experience. Employees have experience working with animals ranging from housepets like dogs and cats, to barnyard animals like cows and chickens, to exotic birds, reptiles and, of course, fish. Employees are experienced at doing select light grooming activities, like brushing, baths, and cat nail trims, as well as some medical experience, ranging from changing bandages, to applying topical medication, to feeding animals oral medications.
Services offered:
-Dog Walking (an hour or half-hour long, morning, mid-day, or evening)
-In-Home Pet Sitting (2-3 daily visits, lasting from 30 minutes to an hour. Includes feeding, exercise, litterbox cleaning, brushing, applying medication, or any other services necessary)
-Hour or Half-Hour long 'Attention Sessions' (which can include a walk)
-Training Sessions (Manner Classes, Basic Obedience and Tricks)
Add-On Services:
-In-Home Baths
-Additional Light Grooming (Brush-Outs, Whisker Trims, Tear Stain Removal, Ear Cleaning)
-Additional Vacation Services (retrieving mail, garbage in/out, lights on/off light gardening/picking veggies, watering plants, mowing the lawn, feeding fish, vacuuming, etc.)
We're very accommodating. If you require a service not listed, just contact us and we will be happy to assist you.
Prices are generally based on the service, type of animal and location (inside Madison vs surrounding areas). Contact us and we'll give you a quote!
Visit our recently-launched website to learn more about our services, pricing, hiring process, and monthly specials, and to view our photo gallery!

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